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We are thrilled you’ve decided to stop by.  DO YOGA has been created with you in mind. We all live busy lives that often get out of balance with our health. Browse below to learn about what DO YOGA can do for you.


What is DO YOGA about?

At DO YOGA we provide a remedial yoga therapy practise based on Japanese Shiatsu Style Yoga.


Through guided movement and breath, your body will be brought back to its natural state of balance and well being. 

Japanese Yoga (also known as Ki, Ryoho, Meridian, Okido or Yoga Therapy) is different to other forms of yoga as it taps into the same meridians in the body as acupuncture and Zen Shiatsu. It works therefore with the organs in the body at a deeper, therapeutic level by stimulating or calming the body's energy pathways. 


Japanese Yoga also incorporates elements of Traditional Eastern Medicine such as Yin and Yang Theory and the 5 Element Theory. Classes are in tune with the Seasons and your body's changing needs.


DO YOGA is a gift to yourself to help you find balance, clarity, toning and most importantly a  happy outlook!



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Where is Do Yoga? 

DO YOGA is in Mosman, one of the beautiful lower North Shore suburbs of Sydney, Australia. 


DO YOGA currently offers Private Sessions, Live Online Classes  and / or Online Recorded Classes. 


Private classes are limited to three people and are very much tailored to your specific goals and health needs. These sessions can be offered Live Online via Zoom or in person.


Online pre-recorded classes are available by joining our Private DO YOGA Facebook Page. These recorded classes can be conveniently viewed whenever it suits you and as many times as you wish.  An ever growing selection of health specific & general classes varying from a quick 5-20 minutes to a full 45-60 minutes. 

Live Online Classes are small in size and follow the seasonal changes your body needs. Linda will also work specifically on any health requirements you may have.

Linda van Aanholt

Linda has been practising Yoga for more than 20 years and believes in living a life filled with joy and gratitude. 


Yoga has always been Linda's 'go to' medicine and after studying Japanese Yoga Therapy she has a deeper understanding of how Yoga can recharge, rebalance and restore the body.

Japanese Yoga offers clients a strong, therapeutic class that helps rebalance the body by restoring it to its natural healthy state. 

At DO YOGA Linda will show you how your body and mind connect to bring about healthy changes.  

Linda is a kind, accepting and supportive yoga teacher who enjoys encouraging and motivating students of all ability to DO YOGA. Her classes are fun as she believes that life can often be too serious. You will feel comfortable and welcomed in Linda's classes.

Book a class now and start leading a healthier lifestyle.